I like crafts,  when you not just make it, but you can tell your child something important and interesting – natural phenomena, animal life, the foundations and traditions of different holidays.
I propose today to investigate an interesting theme – “why do the bears fall into hibernation?”And also we are going to make bear craft for preschoolers.

Bear craft for preschoolers (1)

Hibernation is a very deep sleep, which slows down all physiological processes. This is a protective mechanism that saves the animal from dying without food and water during the winter frosts. In the summer a bear eats mostly berries and mushrooms – plant food. What can he eat in the winter when the ground is covered with a thick layer of snow! So not to die of hunger, he falls asleep. In the summer it prepares – intensely accumulates body fat, which helps to get through the state of hibernation. During hibernation the body temperature is lowered, breathing and heartbeat are slowed. When spring comes – bear goes out, feeling the rising of the temperature and severe hunger.
During hibernation, bear cubs are born. They are born blind and tiny, they bask on the mother and feed her milk.
What you need for polar bear craft:
Paper plate of small diameter
A sheet of blue paper
Brown paper
Felt-tip pens
Shifty eyes

Bear craft for preschoolers (2)

Cut the paper plate  in half and cut out a small oval hole – this is the entrance to the bear’s den. Glue it to a sheet of blue paper.

Bear craft for preschoolers (3)

Stick around the plate little cotton balls or simply torn pieces of cotton wool – it will be snow. Place the polar bear in the center, gluing googly-eyes on brown paper piece, you can draw them with pens or use clay.

Bear craft for preschoolers (4)

We’ve added a little decoration – drew bare winter trees and glued stars.

Bear craft for preschoolers (5)

Wonderful craft out of wool with children – your kid has worked with his hands and at the same time learned a lot from your story.

Bear craft for preschoolers (6)
And here is a documentary about the life of bears, which make your work more interesting. We liked it!

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