Going to sea with children – it is fresh sea air and new experiences, as well as a lot of free time … I suggest a list of unusual and interesting beach games for family with the children in the sea.

Beach games for family

A journey. The more complex, the more interesting. There are a lot of options, you can rent a kayak or catamaran and visit the next bay or a nearby island, you can arrange for orienteering with the tourist map. The exciting thing is to combine several options, first on foot, then sail and simultaneously mark your route on a map.

Gymnastics. There is a lot of free time, and it is a cause for morning exercises or yoga, or at least, a morning swim. All this can be done with the child in a playful way, kids repeat all yogic exercises so funny, and sometimes even show you a new one. Games and jumping in the water is a separate issue.

Make scientific experiments. On the beach and in general in nature, you can make much more than in the apartment. You can make streams and communicating vessels of bottles and tubes. You can play with water, adding food colorings and so on.

Make amulets and crafts. At almost any beach you can find a lot of natural materials for handicrafts – shells, pieces of coral, pebbles, leaves, flowers, seeds of exotic fruits. You can do a lot of things from it: weave the Indians bracelets and necklaces, make amulets, make pictures and mandalas on the sand. You can come up with different rituals and theater games.

Body painting. You can paint each other, take pictures, and then get into the water and wash it away. You can use natural dyes, such as berries, coals or pieces of fruit.

Trains and mazes. This is especially good for the desert beaches. Draw the road, doing loops, barriers, etc.

Drawing with sand. The easiest way to draw on the surf zone with the wet sand. Draw a smiley face, numbers and letters, patterns, you can even draw the whole story. You can also draw on paper, pour sand on a wet paint or use a glue stick.

Paint shells and pebbles. You can draw characters of fairy tales or make a game like dominoes or guessing. You can paint with colors, crayons or pencils.

The sea in a bottle or aquarium.

The treasure in the sand. You can hide a leg or arm in the dry sand, and then defuse it, the explosion occurs when it is touched. You can hide the beads, shells or small toys. Complicating the game, you can draw a treasure map, hide notes with hints and make a map with the orientations.

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