We celebrate Carnival in the end of winter! This is a whole week of holidays, each day is special, and this tradition has come to us from our ancestors, who respected the nature and honored the memory of their ancestors.

Baby doll carnival (1)

On the last day of Carnival our ancestors had the ritual – they burned a jackstraw. They threw it in a huge bonfire with different funeral food (pancakes, eggs, tortillas).  And then they scattered ashes over the fields – it brought fertility to the land.

I propose to make a baby doll carnival out of paper. Of course, it does not necessarily to burn it))

You need:

Paper of two different colors, a red triangle and a white circle

Baby doll carnival (2)
Cut the white paper circle – a doll’s head, draw a face. Cut a red triangular scarf, suitable for the head. Glue them together.

Fold the paper like on the picture – dress – in the middle, arms – on the sides – they need to be shorter.

Baby doll carnival (3)

Glue all the pieces together and your doll is ready!

Baby doll carnival (4)

Rejoice the arrival of spring! Smiles and hugs for everybody!

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