Here is one more lesson of creativity for children of preschool age. Aren’t you interested why 99% of children under 5 years like to draw,  but only a third of 10 years old children and adults almost do not draw? I can not say that the answer is ready, but my thoughts have led me to the age of 3 to 7 years. I want to tell you how you can help kids to stay creative.
These creative lessons help your children to learn more about the world and discover themselves.
And now, one more lesson – aquarium drawing for kids from 3 to 5 years.
A sheet is an empty aquarium, kids should fill it with water, plant algae, pour the sand and pebbles, and then put the fish.

Aquarium drawing for kids (1)

Prepare everything you see in the picture below:

Aquarium drawing for kids (2)

Give your child a big brush, and take a small one, play a game of catch-up. The task is to learn kids to draw horizontal and wavy lines.
You can add to the palette a bit of white paint, so the wave will be more picturesque.

Aquarium drawing for kids (3)

Press down on the edge of a cardboard and draw a line from the top of the sheet to the bottom. Encourage your child to repeat. If the child cannot press it down , help him with your finger and let him pull it.

Aquarium drawing for kids (4)

Give your child templates to choose from. What kind of fish he will draw – large or small, red or yellow.

Aquarium drawing for kids (5)

And here is the result:

Aquarium drawing for kids (6)


Aquarium drawing for kids (7)


Aquarium drawing for kids (8)

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