Today I will show you some aquarium craft ideas, which we quite unexpectedly made with the kids one frosty evening. As usual, it started out as a game, we improvised a few simple fish out of clay and were going to stop there. But we did not…

Aquarium craft ideas (1)

I think it’s important to tell you more about our favorite magic clay – «Jumping Clay». In fact it is polymer clay of very high quality, they say kids can even eat it, but we did not try. The material is incredibly good to deal with, my kids just love it, and the most interesting thing that the ready craft dries by itself (without heating) and can be stored for a long time without blurring or losing color, etc.

Aquarium craft ideas (2)

We dazzled many fish and other marine inhabitants, and we got to an idea about a house for them – homemade aquarium. We took a shoe box, filled it with colored paper, made algae and found some beautiful shells in our storeroom.

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Some shells were covered with clay, so they turned out fabulous. Then we attached them to the bottom of our aquarium. Put a crab on the bottom, it hides under the shell and waits for its prey.

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It was interesting to figure out how to make the fish swim. And that’s what we did:  we made cuts at the top of the box with long knife. We bound each fish with a thread, tied a clip and placed in our cuts. So, when you move the clip along the cut – our fish swims in the aquarium, which caused an extraordinary delight in children.

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Aquarium craft ideas (6)

So now we have an unusual aquarium in our house and it has become a major toy for children for a few weeks.

Aquarium craft ideas (7)

And here’s another idea of Aquarium craft, just without clay.
After we saw a very entertaining film about underwater world for children:

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