Soon everybody is going to celebrate the Father’s Day and congratulate grandfathers, fathers and husbands. We decided to prepare in advance and make an easy Father’s Day craft as a gift to our father. We made a funny robot family – father, mother, Timmy and Tayusha.

An easy Father's Day craft (1)

I will share with you our creative process:
You will need:
Color paper and paperboard
Markers, crayons or paint
Any other material of your choice, we used a multi-colored felt and wooden sticks.

An easy Father's Day craft (2)

The rest of the process was spontaneous. I cut out the different parts of the paper and felt, and Timmy placed them and told me, what  the robot made. Together we drew arms and legs, and other things.

An easy Father's Day craft (3)

Robots were very funny and so different, we had a great pleasure.

An easy Father's Day craft (4)

Timmy quickly ran to dad to give his creation. Of course, we did not wait for the Father’s Day, and then, together with the dad, they pasted the craft on the wall in the room of Timmy. He still shows it off and is very proud.

An easy Father's Day craft (5)











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