How to make Russian dolls

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A few years ago I was very inspired by making traditional dolls. How many ceremonial dolls we can make and what a great meaning they have! Recently, I realized that I again want to make such dolls. So, here is a workshop how to make Russian dolls.
Yesterday I made a doll for my friend. Our ancestors gave such dolls to each other, wishing to be always young, charming and attractive. They were the guardians of youth and beauty!
Traditional rag-doll has no face, it is white, blank.  So evil spirits could not settle in these dolls. It is safe for children and can bring only joy, health and prosperity. Doll in ancient times was considered a talisman, it protected the owner or the house from harm and misfortune and evil spirits. It helped to heal, to find the husband, helped during travelling, birth. Each doll has its own value and it is incredibly important to do it with love, with clean and bright thoughts, with an open heart. It’s a miracle of rags, which, by the way, was not cut with a knife, just was torn with hands, without needles. And the doll was born with its own character and a great value.

Prepare materials:
Body part 15*36 cm (6*14”)
Arm part  14*14 cm (6*6”)
Bright color dress part 20*35 cm (8*14”)
Colored yarn for braids
Bright ribbon, apron, belt
A small ball of cotton or wool

Fold body part ends to the center.

Fold a roll, stuff it with wool or felt, and tie at the base – this is the head.

Wind the yarn under the head.

Plait braid.

Twist arm part, you can wrap it with colored rag (sleeves). Just fix to the body.

A sundress part is tied tightly to the neck of the doll.

Then we tie belts and apron.

Braid can be decorated with ribbons.

Such doll, presented with love and pure heart, will bring the beauty to its owner and fill the house with spring mood!

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