I was going to sew a Waldorf doll for a long time, and I’ve done it at last! And I got a wonderful doll, though it was not perfectly neat, not all seams were straight, not all threads had the same color, but it was so nice, it’s almost like a living thing, she had such kind eyes, elegant dress of my favorite color and gorgeous hair.
I sewed it for my year-old daughter, but I understand that it is not a doll of her age, so I am going to make a baby-doll in the near future.

Now, instructions how to make a Waldorf doll and pattern:
Frankly, this is my first doll and had a few errors and inaccuracies, which, fortunately, I could successfully fix.
Head is probably the most complicated part in the creation of Waldorf dolls, but at the same time it is quite interesting.
Important thing to remember is follow the proportions of the head to body – 1 to 3, and stuff the head as tight as possible, so the child can feel the difference between the head and the body.
The main feature of Waldorf dolls is the choice of materials – always use only natural ones: cotton and wool, no synthetics even for stuffing. Use  skin colored cotton for the body.

The basis of the head was a children’s sock – I tightly stuffed it with cotton wool and wrapped felt around it (it is better to take the spun wool, but I had not it).

So put the “sock” on top – it is the basis of the head. Next steps you can see on the diagram below:

Tie around the base of the head, in the place of the neck – fold a thread 3-4 times.

Place the ends on the top and tie on multiple knots -so we get the perpendicular constriction
Now make a longitudinal constriction through the center of the head – tie a little knot and wind round the crossing of the threads
Sew the head through the center and fasten the thread
You should drag down the thread from the scalp, like on the second picture
Make a zigzag stitch, connecting the threads.
The head should be tight enough, threads must be stretched, do not move and do not come untied.

Make a flesh-colored fabric rectangle of the appropriate size try, measure and cut the excess. Please make now what you see on the pictures below:

Make a pattern for the body and arms.

Cut parts with allowance.

Sew together parts of the body and arms.

Stuff arms with wool or cotton and sew to the body.

Stuff legs and stitch at the ankle and hip. Sew the body to the head.

I feel, that I must describe  the process of connection of the body, arms and head in more detail, although this is no big deal, you just need to make everything very tight and carefully. I promise to make a more detailed description and photos for the next doll. Also very important step is attaching hair of Waldorf doll, if you want that everything looks nice, you should try it hard. This is, too, in the next article.

That’s my pretty doll!

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