Easy drawing for kids step by step

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Not so long ago, I found an interesting way of step by step drawing with wax crayons and paints. It impressed me with its simplicity, and you get a very original and unusual picture.
And now I will tell you more about this easy way of drawing for kids step by step, using as the example the picture “Spring Bouquet”.

Sheet of paper
A pencil
Paints and brushes
White wax crayon
Palette and a glass of water

Think of the picture and draw a sketch, but I did not make it, because my picture was quite simple.
The main “surprise” is that if you draw something, for example, a line with a white crayon, and then paint it, the paint will not cover the line, it will be white.

Now, look – I’m drawing with a white crayon.

Now I am painting.

Look, a narcissus has a white center.

The same thing I did with tulips.

Here is another example of a combination of crayons and paint: I drew yellow center of the flower and the white small leaves.


It’s really a spring picture, because the first tulips and daffodils in the city and suburban gardens flowerbeds rejoice us.

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