Drawing fruit basket step by step

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You can tell such a story for kids: fairy tale guests should come, so it is necessary to feed them, but they do not eat our snacks, they eat only fabulous, drawn food. So we start drawing fruit basket step by step. I began with the fruit, hurried and confused – all white are same. Suggest kids to find out fruits’ shapes and what color to paint them.

Start with the yellow fruit. Then you can add red on the palette. Add colors little by little. Otherwise the kid will mix all the colors. Allow your child to choose a fruit and a color, advise, explain, but do not force.

When all the fruits are colored, note that all of them are scattered on the table, but the guests will come and here is the mess. It is necessary to put the fruits in a basket and cover with a table cloth, of course, fabulous one.

Again, we are not ready – put fruits on a plate, but they can fall, anyone can blow them down. We must glue them.

Children do not see transparent glue and do not understand what does an adult do. Take pink glue, turn over the fruits, “paint them with the glue” and put it in the basket. Press down the fruits.

Well, all the fruits are ready. But we forget grapes (berries) and we almost do not have place for them. Put them between the fruits. Mix red and blue and draw berries.

If the baby still have strength, you can draw very small berries. Place your order on the table, put the work on the floor and discuss what and why you drew, name the fruits. Well, that’s all, a fabulous party is saved.



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