Clay pictures for children – applique workshop

A few days ago we bought a bright clay and decided to make the applique workshop. Timmy chose the fish, and now you can look what we got.


I think you can do such clay pictures for children 3-4 years old.

You will need:

Sheet of colored paper or cardboard
Scissors, pen, glue

Fold sheet in half. Paint a figure on the half of sheet. We chose fish. What will you choose? … bird, butterfly, car and so on.

Cut out the outline. While I was carefully painting and carving, Timmy use the clay for a big colorful ball, and it turned out even more interesting.

That’s how Timmy tore pieces and glued them to the sheet. I marked the fish outline to know where to glue.



Here is the creativity))) We’re glued also the eye and mouth from shells)

We also made an applique “butterfly” of clay.

Also interesting:

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